2018 Cadillac XTS

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I’ve always liked the XTS. And I am glad Cadillac has decided to keep it around.
At least a few more years. (And they didn’t give it a stupid time, like “CT5” or something…)
But I am still not getting used to the new 2018 lights. 
Why design something that looks so thick?
These new LEDs on the sides of the headlights should have been much, much thinner.
Or better yet, replace the headlights all together. For a truly modern look.
But, I still think it looks better than the CT6….
What do you think?

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  1. If you want this car buy a off program car with low miles the depreciation on these things are horrendous.

  2. The rear wheel based CT6 is the better looking, and handling car. The XTS is there to cater to the 60+ year olds who just want a large, soft Cadillac instead of the Buick or Impala it seems.

  3. I don't think they improved the looks with this facelift but it's not bad looking. The XT6 is pretty innocuous looking and I have hardly seen any of them on the roads here in New York. I am seeing quite a few Continentals lately though.!

  4. Not impressed with the odd new lights, and I find it awkward that Cadillac didn't rename this vehicle considering they are trying to recast future "XT" models as their SUV offerings, and the "XT5" badging is WAY too close to reading as "XTS". Should have renamed it "CT5" at least.. oh wait, there's also a "CTS" for added confusion. 😉

  5. I agree. I believe the XTS is the dominant looking Cadillac sedan. The CT6 photographs much better, but in real life the XTS looks pretty nice and flashy, outdoing the CT6 in the looks department; and often dominates in stance.

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