2018 Citroen Cactus

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 So the Cactus has now lost its funky “air bumps” all over.
And the new “fake grille” up front makes it look much more conservative.
It basically now looks like a previous generation, not something more modern.
That super clean and modern front end is gone. Which is really too bad…

 Same thing in the back. it almost looks like anything else now… Trying really hard to be a car for everyone.

Thank God they didn’t ruin the cool interior. (new one on top)

I drove a Cactus for a few days a couple of years ago and loved it. (HERE) It is a very comfortable car. The 3 cylinder engine was great. And it had tons of personality.
Some of that personality is now gone, but it still is quite a funky little car.

The big news is that it now comes with Citroen’s new “suspension with Progressive Hydrolic Cushions”.Which apparently reproduces the legendary “magic carpet ride” older Citroens were known for. (Without all that complicated and costly air suspension)
So that could be great.
Something that would again make a Citroen more special.

It’s just too bad this isn’t sold over here….

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  1. I like the new stripped down look. It looks more upscale and much less cartoonish. I think it still has a very distinctive look without all the over the top blemishes. With the changes, it has evolved from a vehicle that I would never consider purchasing into a vehicle that I definitely wouldn’t mind owning.

    The changes actually make sense since Citroen recently announced that this vehicle will actually serve as the brand’s sole compact offering through the end of the decade (the regular C4 hatchback has been discontinued until a new one surfaces for 2020). The C4 Cactus will need to cover the mainstream end of the compact segment, which means it will need a more universal appearance.

    Overall, I think the new look effectively straddles the line between edgy and mainstream. Citroen could offer a special appearance package for those who miss the original cluttered appearance of the pre-facelift version.

  2. Sadly, the dumbing down (dare we say de-spining?) comes with the Cactus absorbing the market space of the regular C4… Too bad they couldn't have retained some of the bubble cladding for the more upscale trim levels.

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