2018 Nissan Paladin: Is the Xterra coming back?

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This is, so far, for the Chinese market only.
The new Paladin is actually an SUV version of the Navara pick-up truck that came out a while ago.
What is interesting is that the previous generation Paladin was the name of the Xterra sold in China.

So basically, this is a new Xterra. But this time, only for the Chinese market.
Since it is a version of the Navara, it is still truck based. Like the Xterra and old Pathfinder.

Not sure if Nissan is planning a return to truck based SUVs in the US.
I guess why not. Since it seems everything and anything called “SUV” sells these days…
Stylewise it looks a bit like a smaller Pathfinder. (But the pathfinder is supposed to be all new for next year).

Who knows…

(Thanks to a reader for this!)

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  1. This thing looks huge in that photo. It appears to be more the size of the Pathfinder rather than the old Xterra. I doubt this will come to the U.S., buyers seem to prefer the car based crossovers these days such as the Rogue and current Pathfinder. Speaking of, you say an all new one is coming next year, the 2018 models are unchanged and starting to be delivered to dealers now so does that mean the 2019 model will be the all new one?

  2. Wait what? The Pathfinder is supposed to be all new next year?? I seem to recall reading comments here from an Altima spy photo post not long ago that the next Pathfinder was pushed back and not coming until much later. The poster of those comments was supposedly a Nissan insider who claimed the new Altima seen in the spy photos wouldn't go on sale until fall 2018. The "insider" also mentioned the next Rogue, Sentra and Murano as well. So was this supposed "insider" wrong? What do you know about the next Pathfinder Vince?

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