2018/19 BMW 3 series

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This is of course, just an illustration.

Still, it is probably really close to what the new 3 series will look like.
Which is really sad.

We all know that BMW has given up on design years ago. (At least for their mainstream sedans and SUVs)
But this is really the worst case scenario. Just a sad mix of the current 5 and 3 series.
Almost totally undistinguishable from the previous model.

Click HERE for pictures of the actual thing. (still covered in camouflage of course…)

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  1. That looks great! What is your complaint? Familiarity is good! Do not want a whacked out looking new look in BMWs models. Just look at Lexus has done to itself! Ugh!

  2. Harry_Wild is right. It still has the same badge. What's the problem with looking identical to current model? There are a dime a dozen of them out there these days, now that BMW has discovered deep discounts. I would not change a thing.

  3. because charging thousands of dollars more for the same garbage every single year isn't something you dumb fucks should be supporting

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