2019 Ram 1500 pick up truck

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 Wow…. This looks like huge changes to the now “classic” full size ram pick up truck.
Gone is the huge grille. A design that helped make the Dodge trucks super popular in the past years. And a stand out compared to Chevy and Ford competition.

For the next generation, they are moving completely away from it.
And adopting a super generic look. One with zero personality.

The article HERE also mentions this is not a new design but just a ‘facelift”.
(Another mistake. Since all new GM trucks are on their way.)

I think this is a huge mistake. Sure, big pick up trucks do sell no matter what. But that big face Dodge designed years ago was a stroke of genius.
Abandoning it is a stupid move. Now this looks like anything else. And Ford or Chevy fans now have less than ever reason to witch to a Rame (Dodge) truck.

Another genius idea from former accountant Sergio Marchionne!

This is the current model.
Sales are still going strong. And even better lately.

I really don’t think this trend will last with the new design…

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  1. No doubt the need to increase fuel efficiency had something to do with the Ram's new nose. Have to keep CAFE happy.

  2. So why not buy a Chevy??

    What is the point of buying this? The company is controlled by a guy who can't wait to sell and get rid of it.

  3. Yeh cos people are buying them for the grille…most purchases are heuristic purchases. People buy what they've bought before, it's what someone they know drives, it's on sale, it comes in the colour they want, it's the first one they come across when looking to purchase. It's those rules of thumb that decide purchases mostly, not detailed analysis about the shape and size of the grille.

  4. Maybe this is just the grill for one trim level. Look at how many different grills there are for the F150.

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