2019 Toyota Prius V ???

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The link HERE claims this is the next generation Prius V testing in Europe.
While I am sure this is a Toyota, I am not sure about the Prius V.

Toyota Execs mentioned a while ago there might not be a next generation Prius V.  (HERE)
They claimed the next RAV-4 Hybrid would basically replace it.

And this looks 100% like an SUV.

So I think this is actually the next RAV-4. And probably, yes, the hybrid version.

No matter what it is, a Prius or a RAV-4, you can see all the pictures HERE and decide for yourself…

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  1. It's either the RAV4 in hybrid form or the new Prius V. Very possible that they reposition the Prius V as more crossover than MPV, given the competition from the Kia Niro, etc. But also seems completely redundant to not just use a hybrid variant of the RAV4 and axe the Prius V as a standalone model if they're doing that. Time will tell…

  2. This is the Lexus UX 250h based on the Toyota CHR. Turbo or hybrid. Apparently only one of the engines will offer AWD. Comes out in 12 months.

  3. @ the last two comments claiming that this is the Lexus UX:

    It's unfortunate that you can't tell the difference between a Toyota/Prius-like grille and Lexus's… you're both wrong.

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