All new Navara based Nissan SUV for 2018

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New pictures of an upcoming all new Nissan SUV surfaced HERE today.
It is said to be based on the Navara pick up truck.
The Navara has been sold in many country for a while now. Except the US.
(Nissan also announced that the new Frontier will be specific to the US, not just a rebadged naval. We’ll see…) 
But this “new SUV’ is just the Paladin I mentioned earlier HERE

 Here is the picture I posted a few weeks ago.

And here is a new one.

In my first post about the Paladin, I was wondering if it could ever become a new Xterra on the US.
(Since “Paladin” was always the name of the “Xterra” in other markets)

But this looks pretty large.
Although the rumor is it will be offered in 2 versions. 5 and 7 seats.
So a shorter 5 seater could maybe work as the next Xterra?

What do you think?
Since Ford is getting a new Bronco ready based on the new Ranger, why not?

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  1. Furiously looks like the previous version of the Pathfinder! In Europe we don't have the latest (and much less sexy!) version of the Path'. We may hope having this one, but Truck based SUV's are no more popular in Europe these days…except if it comes with a Hybrid version I guess it will be sold in the emergent markets only (including the US? 😉 )

  2. I was actually reading yesterday that the Xterra might come back to the US before 2020, I don't know if the news were referring to this. Google the news for "Xterra" and you'll find a lot of articles about it.

  3. It looks like a throwback in design looks! Not happy that it looks cheap and sort of out of date. Not square off and not rounded either. Sort of a mishmash in design looks. Hope this is not what it looks like!

  4. If this model will be made in the US, make it a 2 door and let it be different, not ugly. The next model should be aimed at the Wrangler to not confuse Rogue, Murano and Pathfinder shoppers.

  5. Painfully unoriginal. For some automakers, time stopped at Y2K. After sitting an a sexy Velar and a Model X, I don't think I'll ever purchase a vehicle with such horsey-looking door handles.

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