2018 Jeep Wrangler

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Not sure what they are testing here.
(This picture was taken today)

We have now all seen pictures of the new Wrangler. (HERE. but also HERE and HERE).
So there is really no reason to cover it anymore.
Or maybe this particular prototype has been used for a while.

I think they might be testing a new powertrain.
Something that will not be shown right away when the new Wrangler is unveiled at the Auto Show this week.
There were talks of a diesel. (Not sure if that will be available at launch)
And I have also heard of a plug-in hybrid…
Who knows…

What do you think this is???

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  1. Classic design, horrible suspension for street driving. They should come up with two versions, one off-road and one for runs to Whole Foods.

  2. I sure the new version will be on street friendly since over 90% of them are driven on today's urban centers and not offroading like in the past. Cannot wait to see the 2019 version. The new interior is very greatly improve to that of the S Class. Wish I had $140K to spend on the basic G model.

  3. "Very greatly improved to that of the S Class"??
    "$140K to spend on the basic G model"???

    It is very late and cold where you are, and you are drunk, Right?

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