2019 Lincoln Nautilus

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This is a good and bad news story.

The bad news is that new front end, again.
It seems that Lincoln was in such hurry to put that ugly grille on everything they make, they just came up with the MKC and MKX facelifts within just a few days of each other.

Now for the good news. It looks like the stupid “MK something” naming scheme is going away for good.
Since this Nautilus has basically last year’s MKX.
I just wonder why they didn’t do the same thing with the 2019 MKC they introduced just a few days ago. Which now sounds stupid…

Otherwise, things are basically the same, which is good.
The MKX was a very good looking SUV.
the interior gets a new steering wheel and digital gauges. That seems to be about it.

And I have to say, that grille does work better on the MKC and Nautilus than the poor Continental…

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  1. Proofread, Vince. You reference the "MKS" multiple times in this post, when this facelift/name replaces the MKX. The MKS was the sedan that the Continental replaced.

  2. Beautiful! Love the name. Love the grill. Love the lights! Great job Lincoln keep it up! Don't listen to Vince, love the guy, but he is wrong about your new face

  3. Wait.. what happened to Aviator? Isn't that the vehicle that the MKX replaced? Maybe they are saving it for the upcoming Explorer-based MKT replacement?

  4. So I guess Sentinel, Zephyr and Aviator will round out the Lincoln model names as each model is redesigned.. Nautilus was a surprise though since this model used to be the Aviator!

  5. The Natulist name reminds me of 10,000 Leagues Under The Sea, for some odd reason. As for the grill I also like it.

  6. I'm struggling to imagine a modern person forking over a hard-earned lease payment to drive something called a "Nautilus." I mean, seriously.. "MKX" at least had some pride.

  7. After I saw this vehicle on another website I immediately pulled up your blog to see if you were going to have another stroke over the grille and sure enough. Ha Ha! Love the new grille. Never cared for the split wing. They never could get it right and made their cars look cheap. Glad they are switching back to names. I'm also surprised this didn't become the Aviator. Nautilus is kind of a cool name but I'm not sure about it yet. My guess is they want all of their SUV's to begin with the letter 'N' because you know they will never change the name of the Navigator. Like all newer Ford SUV's begin with the letter 'E', which started with the Explorer.

  8. This is all around great! To those complaining about the Aviator, it's going to be the Explorer variant again to provide a vehicle in that class again while also replacing the MKT I'm sure. Aviator was on the mid-sized MKX concept and was thankfully not ruined by it.

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