new Hyundai Veloster teaser

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Most of us though the Veloster would be one of these “One generation experiment”.
I guess not…

I do like the idea of a sporty hatchback car with a glass roof, sure.
So it looks like the second generation is just around the corner. And why not.

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  1. Well it does look like some 32 door CUV in this shot. I guess it#s those pronounced wheel arches…

  2. Shocked, but not appalled! I see the things everywhere. Hyundai will be taking the Juke and is keeping the CRX.

  3. I would rather see the i30 Fastback join the US lineup. It’s attractive, sporty looking, and offers 4 side doors instead of the bizarre asymmetrical 3-door setup found on the Veloster.

  4. It looks like a 2 door crossover – the wheel arches and that bit of trim connecting the side window to the hatch. The side window does look better, so maybe you'll be able to see out of it while driving this time.

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