The Honda Crider is now “Born to race”. (Good to know)

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 I must admit, I had no idea.
One of the ugliest sedan on earth (And maybe the worst Honda design ever) is now, apparently born to race. Who knew…

It is always fun to make fun of an ugly car. And the Crider is quite a contender.

Thank God, this is not being sold outside of China. And it has actually been around for a while. But that ghastly front end is fairly new.
It is larger than a Civic, but based on a stretched Fit platform. Which, I guess, is partially responsible for the horrible proportions.

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  1. I do not know why Hondas look like crap in photos and pretty nice in the flesh. I thought all along that the new Odessey looked donkey, especially with all those lines that Vince is crying about, and then I saw a black one yesterday. Very nice, for a minivan.

  2. This post makes zero sense. What do you mean it's now "Born to race?" There is no context to this post at all.

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