2019 Chevrolet Silverado

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Here it is, the all new Silverado pick-up for 2019.

I drove the current version  (HERE) and did like it. For what it is. (  a huge pick up truck I personally have zero need for.)

Visually, I have to say this new one looks like it was designed by a bunch of people who didn’t talk to each other.
It is very angular but also wavy. The side line under the rear view mirror looks just plain weird to me.
And the one that starts at the tail lights just goes nowhere.

It feels like a little truck design blown up somehow.
It’s hard to explain.

Maybe the design looks better in other versions/colors etc…

More pictures very soon, including the all new interior. 

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  1. vince, i think it looks great. I too am not really into pickup trucks (mainly because the ones i like cost $40-50,000 and up..). Cant wait to see some interior pics and engine specifications.

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