2019 Jeep Grand Commander

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These are pictures of the all new 7 seater Jeep Grand Commander.
(Which could be based on the Cherokee. It seems…)

This is the production version of the Jeep Yuntu concept they showed in China a while ago.

Not sure yet if the new Grand Commander will be sold outside of China or not. But I get it will…

Head over HERE for earlier patent designs of the all new Grand Commander. 

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  1. Burlapp, what about the Wagonner name plate? Will it be seperate from this or simply just another name for the same vehicle?

  2. I find this very Bizarre as now this would technically be the "real" "Grand Cherokee" based on the FWD Cherokee. They can't really change Cherokee to Commander. Yet they still have Wagonner to consider.

    They really should do this:

    – Renegade (as is)

    – Compass (as is)

    – Cherokee (make it RWD based on the NEXT Grand Cherokee, but keep it the current size, but the return of boxy styling)

    – Commander* (FWD based CUV essentially taking the place of the FWD Cherokee and the "smooth" shape of the current Cherokee and Compass)

    – Grand Cherokee (as is, but new generation)

    – Grand Commander (LWB FWD Cherokee based, but switched to Commander)

    – Wagoneer (High Luxury version of the RWD Cherokee)

    – Grand Wagoneer (High Luxury version of the Grand Cherokee)

    – Wrangeler (Current)

    I think Jeep can get away with having 2 distinct families…similar to how Land Rover does it with the Discovery Family and Range Rover family. Jeep should have a soft roading family: Renegade, Compass, Commander*, Grand Commander…..and an off-roading family: Cherokee, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee. The problem happens to be the trail rated version of everything.

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