2019 Jeep Grand Commander coming up?

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This shows a list of names recently patented in China by FCA.
We see the Portal concept. The Pacifica ( I guess they were not selling it over there until now??)
So grand Commander could also be a Concept name.
Or, most likely, the name for the production version of the Yuntu concept.

Here are patent drawings for the production version of the Yuntu.

I guess the name “Grand Commander” is fine. Although it makes you wonder whatever happened to the regular “Commander”…Will there be a shorter version of this car? But wouldn’t that be a Cherokee?

We’ll see…

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  1. "Grand Commander"

    The Commander was the Grand Grand Cherokee with historic pre 2014 Cherokee styling. My guess is that they aren't using "Wagoneer" and "Grand Wagoneer" in China.

    BMW's future lineup will be more confusing though.

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