2019 Jeep Grand Commander

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Still hard to tell what it will end up looking like… With all that camouflage.
From what we have seen earlier, it resembles a giant Compass. With a rear window treatment similar to the Yuntu concept.
Or something like that…
So far, this is only for the Chinese market. But I really don’t think they will keep it over there. With all that SUV craze going on here and in Europe.
This might well become the first Jeep imported from China.
(Like the next Focus )
For more on the new Grand Commander, click HERE. And see patent designs HERE

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  1. i really dislike when any car manufacturer keeps regurgitating a popular vehicle style over and over again thru it's model lineup. Jeep grand- cherokee-compass-patriot, etc etc. I realize it is about selling pleasing and visually similar products, playing it safe to keep the profits rolling in…but ZzzZZzzzz. I will give credit to the chrysler/fiat/jeep group for producing the jeep wrangler…distinctive and original when you see one, not a copy of another vehicle.

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