2019 Nissan Terra/Paladin

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I talked about this earlier. (HERE)
As the Nissan Paladin. Mostly for the Asian market.

Now it looks like it could be actually called the Terra. (Which would of course remind people of the X-terra.)
The previous version called Paladin, was indeed, the same truck as out Nissan X-terra.
But this looks too much like a slightly smaller Pathfinder to be an X-terra in the US.
Or does it???

Who knows. It seems like everyone is just dumping every single SUV modes they have in the US market.

What do you think? Would this be a good “new” X-terra???

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  1. This looks much larger than the old X-terra and only slightly smaller than the current Pathfinder. Do we know if this vehicle is only going to be 5 pass/2 row? If yes then I can see this coming to the U.S. and slotting directly under the Pathfinder in the lineup with the next Pathfinder growing slightly larger and remaining 3-row. Would it carry the X-terra name here… why not?

  2. Looks attractive whatever it is named! If it has 0-60 in the 6 range, AWD and under $60K, I will be interested!

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