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A new generation RDX is around the corner, and Acura will show a concept version of it in just a few days at the Detroit Auto Show.
As usual with Acura, this will be pretty much the same thing as the upcoming production version.
You can already tell the side chrome design resembles a lot the current Civic and Accord (Not sure why they would use Honda design elements in the upmarket Acura…)
Otherwise it seems to have much more personality than the super invisible current model.
But it looks like they are still using the tablet design for the interior, refusing to better integrate the screen.
(Too bad)

Here is the official teaser.

They are showing a bit of last year’s Precision Concept. I guess in an attempt to fool people into thinking the next RDX will look a bit like it.

It won’t…

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  1. Well…let’s wait a little Vince. You might be surprised. I bet you money it will look more distinctive than the latest version of the X3, the Ordinary Driving Machine.

  2. Acura has never used a "tablet design" for the center stack. They're all the integrated, thick hood style.

    This looks like a very nicely integrated version that other brands have started. It's not floating out in front. It's wide and low and doesn't look heavy with a giant plastic surround.

    I for one am glad to see automakers embrace screens as non-surface bound and express them a bit (looks particularly good on the Civic and Accord).

  3. I don't like the over abundance of creases on the side. Why are there multiple lines around the fenders?? I really like Acura's new front end though.

    All of Acura's current lineup came from concepts that were just thinly veiled production models though. Different paint, tweaked bumpers. Honda does the same thing. I think assuming it won't look anything like this is a bit short sighted…

  4. I also see the Civic and Accord influence in the side window treatment. Acura will never break away from the “just a fancy Honda” perception if it never develops its own truly unique design language. That being said, this new gen RDX looks to be a genuinely handsome vehicle.

  5. Looks like a GMC Terrain to me especially the rear quarter panel window design. No sure if I like more angled shaped crossovers. Next generation Nissan Murano shrunk? Acura seems to be taken their design to real ugly just like Lexus has done with their new vehicles. Can they not copy Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Range Rover?

  6. The console image looks like it may be missing the shifter although it's too dark to tell.

    Compared to the 2018 MDX, this barely has room for a sifter on the left. 2018 MDX has a Sport Hybrid coming out. This looks like they may offer a Sport Hybrid model. It will be interesting to see if they put the Accord's Sport Hybrid i-MMD powertrain in it as an option and if it beats the CR-V to the US market with it. I think the MDX has a 3-motor hybrid system which is more focused on power.

  7. Judging by the new Insight and the microcar EV concepts, that chromed extended window trim may disappear from future Hondas, but why migrate it to Acuras? Shouldn't the supposedly more "premium" brand dictate trickle-down styling, much like Audi has to VW or (unfortunately) Lexus to Toyota? Not only are Acuras not getting modern Honda platforms until a few years later, apparently they're getting hand-me-down styling cues too.

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