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One car that does NOT disappoint is the all new Kia Stinger.
Everything looks really nice inside. And the super solid feel of everything came as a surprise. (Doors feel like a tank)
I think everything looks and feels better than in the BMW 4 series I drove a few months ago.
The back seat is also much roomier, with better hear room as well.
This seems to be quite a car, especially for the $32 000 asking price.
It is really too bad Kia chose horrible/cheap looking colors like this bright yellow for the Auto Show display.

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  1. I was really feeling the Stinger until you posted these pics of what must be the base model. Not sexy.

  2. I think it's a great looking car, especially in that milky gray color and the big wheels. Vince, you going to do a test drive write up?

  3. Try to buy one for $32,000 It won't happen!! It's just a low number to get people buzzing about the car.

  4. Vince, first of all, where the hell are the Mazda 6 pictures you promised? And can you give us a comparison between the Stinger and the Mazda?

  5. Yesterday the Mazda 6 was unavailable for pictures. Or even getting in.
    They had only one Mazda6 and it was on the stage. So I was unable to take pix…
    From what I was able to se, (While arguing with the Mazda guy on stage, trying to get into the car) the Mazda seems more upscale but not as sporty.
    But probably also cheaper…

  6. That might be the worst ipad dash screen yet. It's more "integrated" but the bezel is HUGE. Totally ruins it. Mazda has a similar set up but angles the sides to reduce the bulkiness. Otherwise a nice interior.

    The exterior is 80% there for me. It just looks so heavy and thick, particularly at the rear.

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