More pictures of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee prototype

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We are basically seeing almost all the changes now.
Looking much more conservative, and far less imaginative.
But still modern. And, I guess, more in tune with what people like.

A few changes inside are also planned. But as previously mentioned HERE, the new 2.0 Liter Turbo should also be available.

More pictures HERE

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  1. Ding dong the ugly lights are done! Thank goodness! Too bad Hyundai didn't get the memo and the ugly Kona look seems to be spreading thru their line up.

  2. the the new 2.0 Liter Turbo should be interesting. But why cant Jeep put a reliable auto transmission in it's vehicles?? Just a simple, robust, reliable 6 speed auto software glitches, no 9 speeds hunting for gears . Hell, even put in an old GM 4 speed overdrive auto tranny and get on with it already.

  3. You're right FusioptimaSX. Better with that weird highlights gone. They must of fired the other guy.

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