2019 Ford Focus Interior

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The picture on top is a prototype of the all new 2019 Ford Focus.
While the bottom one is the current 2018 Ford Fiesta sold in Europe (The one we are not getting here)
At first, they look exactly the same. 
But keep looking. They are actually different. The tablet/screen doesn’t “sit” the same way on top of the dash. The vents. And especially that little extra triangular side window is specific to the new Fiesta.

Same thing again from this angle. They are almost exactly the same.

Has the interior design department become that lazy at Ford?
What is going on???
Can’t they at least try to make these two interiors a little bit different??

Of course, it won’t be such a problem in the US, since we are not getting the new Fiesta in the first place. So no-one will be able to tell.

Still. This is so weird…. And again, lazy…

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  1. Ford has done this for a long time. They used to use the same interiors for Ford and Mercury, and the current Focus/Escape/C-Max use nearly identical interiors. Similar interiors don't bother me as much as the badge engineering exteriors used to.

  2. This Ford Focus, the Fiesta, the 2018 Honda Accord, the 2019 Nissan Altima, and the 2019 Kia Forte….Do they all have the same center console?

  3. Vince, why should they make them look different? Just for the sake of looking different?
    The Fiesta is not offered here anymore anyway, so if the basic dash design is attractive and good, just poach it for north american use and call it a day. Saves money and it doesn't overlap with any other offerings on Ford's lots.

  4. It seems like the dash-to-axle ratio in the shots of the Focus are smaller than they are now, which should make it easier to park.

    Also, I agree that it seems lazy to tack on these screens all over the place. I like how Audi hides them – how much more would it add to the bottom line of a mass-produced car like a Focus for something like that?

  5. Yes, margins are small these days on compact cars. But I find it amazing that Mazda, Honda, Toyota,Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and others still find ways to make money on them.
    Somehow Ford can't.
    They gave up on the Fiesta for the US and will be importing the new Focus from China.
    Even VW will be making money on the new Jetta.

    The Focus is still part of an important market and has tons of great competition.

  6. I absolutely detest Ford's current interior design aesthetic. Every model, from Focus to their SUV's. Lincoln's doing some nice detailing inside, but I still dislike the style… A real shame, because they're wonderful cars to drive.

  7. At least Ford hasn't completely given up on the sub-Compact market. We now have the EcoSport as the defacto replacement, so we never really "lost" the Fiesta. I wish they wold get rid of the stupid name… EccoSport with an EEKO-Boost. That's worse than naming the Taurus the 500 for 3 years. Just call it a Fiesta X…can't can't spew that "One Ford" naming mantra as Fusion and Mondeo still co-exist.

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