2019 Kia Forte teaser

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These are, of course, exaggerated illustrations of the real thing.
So of course, they do look quite nice.
(Head over HERE for the real thing)
For the first time, the European Seed hatchback and the US Forte sedan will share design. Not just platforms. (Although of course ours is the sedan version)
The interior sketch looks OK. Except it shows one of the worst example of that tablet screen design I have ever seen. Sticking out like a sore thumb.
It just looks quite ridiculous…
This will do battle with the all new 2019 VW Jetta. Which will be also unveiled in just a few days.
We will see the whole thing on the 15th of this month.. 

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  1. Cars are starting to look more and more alike. This interior is very reminiscent of what Audi is doing. Compare this interior and the interior of the Stinger to the Audi TT. Pretty close.

  2. The screen looks very similar in shape with the one in the latest Hyundai i30 (the buttons on the sides are not visible thought). The general layout looks similar as well.

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