2019 Kia Optima

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 The Kia Optima is called K5 income other markets. The black car on top os the “facelift” version of the K5. Which is what we will get here for the 2019 Optima.
As you can see, not much as changed. Which is a good thing.

On this high end molde, the front chrome resembles the larger Cadenza.

 Even less changes in the back. Things are just a bit cleaner. Maybe less sporty.
But again, this looks more like a luxury version.

Looks like there is almost nothing new at all inside. Except a few small changes on the console.
They didn’t even make the screen larger.

The Optima is one of the cars that ages so well, it would have been a shame to change it too much.
Just like the Ford Fusion, it goes through the years, and still looks great.

Unlike the Sonata, which needed quite a bit of work in its mid cycle revision.

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  1. An already sharp car gets some subtle changes to make it even better looking. It didn’t need the massive overhaul that Hyundai gave the Sonata (which is now very attractive since its facelift). I expect the 2.0L turbo engine to receive the 8 speed auto trans just like the revised Sonata.

  2. More of a Cadenza grill, which I guess is a good thing. Never liked the existing one. Still think the last generation looked better– same with the Sonata.

    Making it more acceptable for the Korean market I'd guess. Still nicer looking than the Camry which is getting more baroque looking.

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