2019 VW Jetta

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Finally, after about 8 years, we have a new Jetta.
(I remember test driving one for a week right after they came out, I can’t believe it’s been 8 years…)

It is still a “Jetta”. Which means nothing futuristic. But a good looking sedan that will still look fine in 8 years.
It has been working for VW. And they are not changing the recipe. They still sold over 115 000 of them last year. (down from 121 000 in 2016)

The all new 2019 model will start at $ 18 500. Which is a bit less than the 2018.
The wheelbase is about one inch longer. And the car is wider and longer than before.

Power comes from the 1.4 Liter Turbo with 147HP. Which I tested HERE and really liked.
(The 1.8 Liter with 170hp doesn’t seem to be available anymore. )
You can still get the 6 speed manual in lower trims. Or a new 8 speed automatic.
Unfortunately, a start/stop system is standard with the auto ( I hate these…)

Starting at under $19 000, that means a well option model would still be the same or cheaper than a base Camry or Accord (Both around $24 000)
The current Jetta has a huge backseat for its class and the new one is even roomier. So this is basically a mid size car now.
They also have VW’s new 6 year warranty.
And you can also get options like a huge sunroof, Beat Audio , ventilated seats, leather seats etc…

Let’s now hope interior materials are better, much better, than the outgoing model…

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  1. This makes the new Forte look instantly better to me. The front half looks fine from b pillar forward, not sure what happened from there though.

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