2019/2020 Ford Escape???

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A reader from Motor1 sent them pictures of some new SUV testing near Las Vegas.
(See all the pix HERE)

They are guessing it is the next Ford Escape. Due out late this year.
Sure.  An all new Escape is due after the new Focus which is right around the corner. So why not.

But it could also be something else. It does have a Mazda feel to it.
Or any number of things. Like a new Hyundai Tucson. It would be too early for a new Nisan Rogue. Or would it?

What do you think?

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  1. One can only wish the next Escape takes this shape, but the mules running around looks like the next Escape will grow in size whereas that looks very compact.

  2. What do I think?

    I think it's nearly impossible to tell most crossovers apart without cammo!
    I don't know why they bother covering-up prototypes. Nobody would look at them twice if they had regular (grey) paint jobs.

    The European brands and Jeep have managed to keep their crossovers looking distinctive (even if you can't tell two models apart within the same brand). Why must all Ford/GM/Japanese/Korean crossovers look so similar?

  3. I think it will be entertaining to see how many recalls this new generation escape can rack up. The current generation had to have some kind of Guiness World record in it's first 2 years.

  4. Anonymous on Jan. 28, you could not be more wrong. Those are not the same rims. Every single aspect of this car matches up with the already revealed Infiniti QX50. THAT IS WHAT IT IS. Also, the Escape facelift debuted back in 2016, it wasn't "just released."

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