All new Jeep Grand Commander

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After so many spy shots, we are finally seeing the new Jeep uncovered.

The Grand Commander will obviously slot above the Cherokee. As it seats 7.
But this base version pictured above doesn’t look very upscale, at all. Also that white color doesn’t help.

So far, the Grand Commander is for the Chinese market only. But I am sure it is only a matter of time until we see it here and maybe in Europe.
I would also guess Jeep will be very tempted to import it from China. Since that is what Ford will be doing with the 2019 Focus.

So far, this isn’t very exciting. But I realize a white base model shot in such cold setting isn’t the best way to display the car.

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  1. Yes. The Wagoneer will be a much bigger, luxurious and expensive thing.
    Above the Grand Cherokee. This looks like a stretched Cherokee to me.

  2. This thing is horrible. If Jeep is trying to make a premium product, this thing is not the answer. Please keep this in China. It’s awkward, Long overhangs and cheesy design language will only devalue the Brand. I hope non of this makes it to the gc

  3. It’s horrible! A different setting or paint color isn’t going to change it. They can keep it in China. It looks like a minivan design that was morphed into a crossover by giving it hinged doors. FCA desperately needs a new FWD based three row crossover in the US, but this cheap looking deformity is not the answer. The aging and outclassed Dodge Journey is much better looking than this monstrosity.

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