All new Nissan Terra.

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I mentioned the new Terra before (HERE)

This is still not an official shot. But it doesn’t look too good…
Like a weirder version of the Pathfinder.

Nissan has recently hinted there might be a new X-Terra in the works for the US market.
So let’s hope this isn’t it. Nissan needs to put a little more effort into it.
Maybe a shorter, 5 seater version of the next Pathfinder.

Or they might actually send us this one from China.

Last year, they were claiming the Sticks was not for the US. That we would be getting a different model. And we got the exact same Stick sold overseas.
Same thing will probably happen with the next Frontier Pick Up. Which will probably end up being the 3 year old Navara sold around the world.

Ford is doing it too. At first the EcoSport was never coming here. Now it is. (Although it is now old…)
Same thing with the new Ranger. They claimed over and over the US would get a new design.
Turns out the one we are getting will be the same one everyone else around the world has had for years.

All these lies. So weird…. Why?

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  1. Ford and other car manufacturers realized that if an off-roader sells around the world but the North American market should be something else; buyers are always saying why? Also, the domestic models in the past; alway leave out stuff that is in the international model and it cost for the North American exclusive model much more to produce. If it is true an international model but it not sold in the NA marketplace; potential buyers are very concern now a days that they have been short change!

  2. Well, I have a different theory, QX80 is selling in Range Rover numbers and Infiniti stated they want to compete with it. This maybe the nissan Xterra replacement but also produce a new version for an Infiniti SUV or QX70 replacement since QX50 seems to cover the old fx35 size range. Infiniti would have the mall covered with qx30, qx50 and qx60 and can cover comparison test for true off roading with the qx70 and qx80 for the well off that don't really care about mpg just performance and style.

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