Infiniti “Q Inspiration” concept

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We saw the first teaser of this just a few days ago.
Now we see the whole thing from the back.

And it does look good, sure.
but it also looks a lot like the new Audi A7. Although it seems a bit smaller. So this could well become a replacement for the Q50 (?)
Or the old Q70 if it is actually larger than it seems.

If Infiniti wants to keep at least one sedan in their line up, they do need to do something. Fast.
As the Q70 is just old news. And the Q50 is aging fast.

A larger slick EV hatchback would be great. (No word on the concept powertrain yet)
A great idea to compete with Tesla at a much lower price point. Why not. 

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  1. At first I was going to say no way could this be the Q50 replacement, the Q50 isn't THAT old. Then I did a quick search and saw the Q50 has been around since 2013 and got a mid cycle update in 2016 so it's much older than I thought. Depending on the size of this concept, it could indeed be a preview of the next Q50. That being said, the Q70 is even older and in even more dire need of replacement… so perhaps this will be the next Q70 after all….hmmmmmm what will Infiniti do?

  2. This car is not approved for production and just a design exercise. Just typical Infiniti marketing nonsense or essentially, designers' cry for help against a difficult management board that won't approve any of their work for production models. Infinjti will undergo a long product drought for years to come.

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