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For the first time ever, we get to see the interior of the all new Altima for 2019.
And it’s fine. Again, I am not a fan of that tablet look. I think even Mazda incorporates it a bit better. 
And the new Honda Accord and Toyota Camry do a much better job at incorporating the screen than both. (One of the best is the Honda Civic)
But I guess most people obviously don’t mind it.
Otherwise it looks simpler and higher quality.
 I test drove the current Altima a few times, and it is a nice car. 
There is really nothing wrong with it. Nothing great, but nothing wrong.
It is good to see car makers still pushing mid size sedans. The current Accord and Camry are better than they have ever been. It is a great time for sedan buyers.

For more pictures of the Altima prototype driving around Los Angeles, head over HERE. 

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  1. The press says it is smaller than the Maxima, I think they are wrong.It looks to be the same size. Personally, Nissan should make the Altima smaller. Why build a Maxima?

    There is a rumor that this might have optional AWD.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I disdain this ugly glued-on tablet look. It is lazy, cheep design at its worst.

    I know, I know. Mercedes, BMW and Audi all do it, so now everyone needs to copy… WTF!! Just look at Porsche, Land Rover and Volvo to see what a good interior looks like and how to tastefully incorporate the infotainment screen. Even Subaru does a better job for God's sake.

    I decided a while ago never to by a car with this cheep design. Unfortunately the choices are getting fewer. At this point I am eyeing a Porsche as my next car.

  3. Which is why I truly hope Ford re thinks it's plans to redesign the Fusion/Mondeo. This would be the worst decision ever.

  4. Another idiotic comment about people not buying sedans anymore…

    They sold almost 255 000 Altimas last year.
    Hardly DOA.

    – Honda Accord: 322 000
    -Honda Civic: 377 000
    -Toyota Camry: 387 000
    -Toyota Corola: 308 000

    That's a lot of sedans. The Civic sells as much as the CR-V.
    And more than twice as much as the Pilot .

    Tons of people still buy sedans.

  5. Well, figure, what's the timeframe? These interiors were designed about 2-3 years ago when tablets were the hot tech thing. Now, it looks… Not so great.

    Remember the 1st gen CTS-V with a center console designed to look like a PC desktop tower. Yuck! Auto design should not chase the moving target that is tech…

  6. Altima keeps trespassing into Maxima’s territory. And Nissan cannot make the Maxima as luxurious as an INFINITI.

  7. Will be on sale in September. It's a shame you see only the dark interior. The tan colored interior of this car is gorgeous. Wait till you see it.

  8. Another garbage product from Nissan. It’ll fall apart 4 years into the 7 year loan. Why people by their products when Hyundai/Kia offers VASTLY better quality, style and value is beyond me.

  9. "Anonymous Anonymous said…
    Another garbage product from Nissan. It’ll fall apart 4 years into the 7 year loan. Why people by their products when Hyundai/Kia offers VASTLY better quality, style and value is beyond me.

    February 19, 2018 at 5:20 PM"

    Haahahahahahahah, what drugs are you on, because I'd like some of it.

    Quick comment on the interior. I'm not sure what to make of the tablet look just yet, I'd need to see it in person to make a final decision. One advantage to the tablet thing is it might be simpler to increase the screen size in a mid cycle refresh, although from the pictures that screen already looks pretty big, I'm guessing it's at least an 8" screen. Then again, 8" screens seem to be the norm these days.

    Oh and one more thing I'd like to add…
    I know there's been rumors about possible AWD coming as an option on this thing, but I can't see that happening without the Maxima also getting AWD either as standard or an option and I've heard nothing about the potential for that happening.

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