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This is coming out on sale in various countries around Europe right now.
A fastback version of the car sold here as the Elantra GT.
It reminds me of what Toyota used to do with the Corolla in the 80’s. They used to have tons of versions of it. 
Sedan, fastback, 3 door hatchback,  wagon, lift back, coupe etc…
It seemed that no matter what style of cars you liked, there was a Corolla for you.  
Things have gotten so greedy, not many companies are trying to offer many variations anymore.
But Hyundai does. 
We have the Elantra sedan. While Europe has the i30 (Which is our Elantra GT)
They also have it as a wagon. And now this cool Fastback.
(The new Veloster could be considered the coupe version)
I think this is a really nice retro idea. 

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  1. This needs to come to the US. It looks more exciting than the Elantra sedan and Elantra GT 5-door and much better than the weirdly asymmetrical Veloster.

  2. Has Mercedes C class coupe backside which I'll give it a pass. Only if it offered a slightly higher ride height with all wheel drive it would make an excellent Cross Trek rival

  3. Elegant. Likable. Seems to have a very special presence. Very nice surface resolution. Feels Benz-y from some angles. Nicely done, Hyundai.

  4. i bet hyundai will offer it for sale here in Canada to test the north american waters. We often get vehicles sold here that the automakers dont sell in the usa. I have a 06 nissan XTRAIL awd suv . Only sold in canada from 05-08, but not at all in the usa. It was sold all over the world and a new version still sells in australia/asia, africa, russia, middle east. In 2009 Nissan stopped selling the xtrail in canada and the new Rogue was introduced to both canada and usa markets.

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