2019 Kia K900

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It is really too bad Kia chose to show the car in just white for the official pictures. 
I am sure it’s not the best way, at all, to show off their new flagship…
Otherwise, the new car does look pretty imposing. And super luxurious inside.
It is powered by a 3.3 Liter V6 Turbo with 365HP and an 8 speed auto.
The current model starts at about $50 000.
As I mentioned before, this is way bellow its competition (And about $18 000 less than its cousin the Genesis G90)
It goes on sale in the US an the fall. 

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  1. It is a poorly executed ripoff of a Mercedes S-Class. What happened Kia? Peter Schreyer has done some very original and sharp designs. This looks like it was designed by their bean counters.

  2. Another sales flop. Waste of time! Learn from your cousin – Hyundai (Create a luxury brand)!!! Else no one will spend over $50K on KIA!

  3. I think it looks good, nothing bad about it really. The interior does look great and high quality. Good for kia! I will take it for test drive when it comes out!

  4. I like the side view of the K900. Have to look at it in person. At $50K and another $5K in options. I think it a bargain. Have to drive it and see how it handles for a 205" sedan.

  5. I want to take a ride and/or nap in those amazing rear seats. No, really, I do. Nicely executed. Can't wait to try them out.

  6. I remember that said in the 1990s about a Japanese luxury brand called Lexus! Even with Lexus current ugly designs, Lexus owners still buy another Lexus! K900 sells well in Korea. It just a matter of time that it becomes one of the luxury competitor kurt like Lexus is now!

  7. You will not try one out. You will not waste the salespersons time and put mileage on it. You will not use our gas.

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