2019 Nissan Altima

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Another really nice looking mid sized sedan.
This is a very nice update on the current design. Except now it looks even more like the Maxima.
(The Maxima should really become a larger hatchback/4 door coupe thing. With an EV powertrain)
The interior is also quite nice, but it doesn’t seem as upscale as the Honda Accord.
At least it is simple and very clean looking. 
The big news are also under the hood.
The great 3.5 Liter V6 is dead. Replaced by a new 2.0 Liter turbo 4 cylinder .
Then base engine remains a 2.5 Liter one. 
The 2.5 Liter is also an all new engine. Claimed to be smoother and quieter. 
And for the first time, AWD is now available on the new Altima. 
It will be interesting to see ho this compares to the Accord, Camry and Mazda 6….

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  1. This is terrible!! This looks like Nissan took the Maxima to some recent grad Chinese car designers and told them to make a copy.

  2. Looks like they tried really hard to steal the last-gen Optima greenhouse while still tying it to the Maxima. That said, it's way better than I was expecting!

  3. Wow! What an impressive design on a midsize sedan.

    If I were in the market for a new midsize sedan this would be my top number one pick over the Honda Accord and especially that “ugly deep-sea creature” Lexus look they are now putting on every Toyota.

  4. I like this alot. It has a light athletic look to it, not heavy and overhanded and it bucks the trend of tinier and tinier windows. Seems like the insider that told us information about this car prior to its unveiling, was spot on for the time of sale.

  5. I think it’s ugly and cheap looking! That floating roof treatment on the C-pillar is horrendous! The entire exterior has some very awkward proportions. The Mazda6 is now the only true good looking Japanese midsize sedan.

  6. I think this looks better than the accord, on first glance. I also think that in person it's going to be a looker. I would like to see it in dark grey with black or brown leather interior. Hybrids, maybe a nismo AWD hybrid with the 2.0 vc engine. Or could they be saving the nismo VC AWD hybrid for the Maxima?

  7. This thing is a beauty and in some ways kind of shocking. I didn't think the V-6 would be a goner and replaced by the 2.0 VC turbo of all things. I'm also surprised to see AWD making an appearance (with the base engine only which is kind of a bummer but still it's available and that in itself is a shock). The flagship Maxima sedan doesn't even get it! I've been saying for years that the Maxima as a flagship model should have been given AWD, especially with the most recent design. Maybe now with the Altima getting it, the Maxima will finally get it too when it gets refreshed (next year?).

  8. I find this design Crisp, strong and athletic. It’s also elegant. That coupled with the world’s first variable compression engine in this segment ( also in our Infiniti) and AWD. This is what’s called a home run!

  9. It’s grotesque! It is probably one of the worst midsize sedan designs ever! Nothing about the exterior design is remotely cohesive or well proportioned! It’s a disfigured mess consisting of an odd mix of slabs, curves, angles, and a very badly executed fake floating roof! It will probably sell well because it’s a Nissan, regardless of the fact that it’s a hopeless looking eyesore! Yuck!

  10. Why is Nissan limiting their great AVM (Around View Monitor) system to the Platinum trim only on this new Altima??? That makes zero sense to me! The AVM should be standard across the lineup or at least available on lower trim lines. Who's bright idea was that move Nissan????

  11. HIDEOUS only the vision impaired "designers" would base this on the butt ugly Maxima that no one is buying. The cheap blackout plastic on the C-pillar is especially tacky looking. This is instantly forgettable and will be relegated to fleet sales like most Altimas.

  12. Not horrible with the exception of the previously mentioned c pillar treatment. The interior was obviously heavily influenced by the Mazda 6, which is my favorite midsize offering, exterior and interior design wise. The new 2.0T is going to make it that much better.

  13. Like past iterations, what Nissan puts on the street will be extremely few with large wheels and upgraded interiors. Most will look plasticky, with hard plastic inside, cheap black plastic inserts outside, no chrome handles and the cheapest black cloth seats in the industry.thats just how Nissan since Goshn took the helm is rolling.

  14. This car helps to put NISSAN Altima and the company squarely on the map. This in my opinion is far superior styling to Accord and Camry.
    The Nissan group finished last year as the top volume group on the planet.
    I’m seriously considering NISSAN as my next choice for my Spring purchase. I am looking at the Murano.

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