2019 Porsche Mission E

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Looks like the production version of the Mission E Electric car will be really close to the Concept.
As expected. Since we have seen so many prototype pictures for a while now.

Range is expected to be around 300 miles, with a starting price of slightly under $80 000.
Which means it will go right against the Tesla Model S. Again, as expected.
(Except the Porsche is NOT a hatchback)

This is the first of many cars that will compete against the Model S. Which I am sure will make life much tougher for Tesla. Since the Model S is already 6 years old.
With the many production problems they are having with the Model 3, I just wonder when they will get around coming out with a new Model S….

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  1. VINCE:

    … the Molde S. Which I am sure will make live much tougher…

    PLEASE START READING YOUR WORDS BEFORE POSTING! The frequent typos and bad grammar still persists – even though this has been pointed out to you repeatedly.

  2. All these Johnny Come Latelys will not be a threat to Tesla unless they do something about distance charging. Tesla has thousands of chargers all over the world. What does Porsche and all the rest have?

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