2019 Subaru Forester

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I am still not a fan of this, at all.
Sure, it does have a bit more style than the previous one.
But that face looks pretty terrible to me….
It comes standard will AWD, CVT and a 2.5 Liter with 182HP.

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  1. It's a nice evolutionary design with a vastly improved interior. Subaru needs to add a real engine, bring back the 2.0Turbo from the XT. I would only consider one with a Turbo.

  2. It a hopelessly dull design. It should still appeal to the brand’s enthusiasts, though. I like the Crosstrek better, even if it doesn’t offer as much utility as the Forester.

  3. Looks like a great evolution of the current design. The current design sells really well so Subaru is sticking with what works for them and you can't fault them for that. The interior is a nice upgrade and vastly improved. One thing everyone seems to gloss over is the fact that (correct me if i'm wrong) this will be Subaru's first use of start/stop technology. Personally I am not a fan of stop/start. I find it annoying and fail to see how it improves fuel economy in any way. Does anyone else feel the same about this technology?

  4. Sorry Vince but the Subaru CVT is horrible when paired with that anemic engine, just awful.

    I had a 2014 Outback and I traded three months later (high altitude in Colorado). It had no power when passing on the highway, 2.5 litter.
    Same issue with the Crosstrek, just built a small turbo engines like Honda or stick with an automatic transmission.

    The design is what it is, a Forester and yes, I agreed with you, they could have done a lot better. Now, the bonus point on a Forester is the view from inside, there's almost no blind spot.
    And I'm sure it'll sell well.

  5. I wish Subaru would do something truly insane and crazy, like the XT, Brat, SVX, or the Baja. We're overdue.

    This just looks like a Chinese mess, and will look even worse as the more popular models with the smaller wheels and tyres.

  6. Same interior as the Impreza, and same basic design as the old model (which was no looker) with more fussy details. People would buy this no matter what it looks like, so why not go for something more unique or better-looking?

  7. i like it! the side profile looks good, the front end not bad, not hideous….it will grow on you, i think. Love the interior…very nice dashboard layout…has character. I've only read good things about the CVT in the forester. Read that it feels ''geared'' very nicely and seems to be reliable. The 182 horses should be adequate for majority of drivers , probably just driven back and forth to work by a single driver or with a passenger. I betcha subaru will later on offer the turbo xt option in the Fall as the top choice once again.

  8. What a huge disappointment. Not only does it look almost exactly like the outgoing model, but they dropped the only good engine option – the 2.0 turbo. I'm sure that won't stop the blind Subie loyalists from flocking to the dealership to buy one though.

    I want to like Subarus, I really do, but they make it so hard when their designs are so painfully bland and the only power-train options tend to be under-powered engines mated to CVTs.

  9. Dear Subaru , I have a soft spot cause I owned a Brat way back. But you have lost your way and you are no longer hippie cool or The Lez choice!

  10. I wonder if the new Rave4 and this lump are using the same chassis …probably! They are so much the same. And both ugly to boot!

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