2019 Volvo S60 sedan

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This is our very first look at the all new 2019 S60.
The sedan version of the V60 wagon we just saw.

And I must say, I am a bit disappointed. People were already saying the V60 is just a smaller V90
But this really looks like a clumsy, smaller S90.
That C pillar doesn’t really seem to work. Unless this is still some prototype with missing trims?
(The trunk doesn’t seem to fit very well either)

This is just not as special as I though it would be…

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  1. Not a flattering angle. Green house makes me think Subaru …

    It works on the longer body S90 but not on this .

  2. Glossy black wheels make it look plain and cheap looking with a silver body color. Kind of looks like a spy shot photo of a vehicle still in prototype testing production.

  3. This looks so much better than the current chubby S60. It is aggressive and smooth. But, drop the black wheels!

  4. Agree with everyone, the style of the S90 doesn't work as well on the smaller S60, especially the rear 1/4. It's sad, Volvo has been doing a great job with design lately but this one falls short.

  5. Jesus, no wonder they showed us the Wagon first. Looks like the wagon will be the volume seller this time around.

    This thing looks like a 1st gen Ford Focus with an altered greenhouse.

    I really hope this is a bad photoshop.

  6. The current S60 is compact in size. Nothing screams premium about it. Let's see how this one ends up in real life. I did not like the look of the CX40 in photos, but I may be the only one.

  7. The previous two S60s were sort of coupelike in proportion, this actually seems to be more upright and sedanlike, almost like a Ghibli from this angle. Assured it will look better in the metal.

  8. Hard to tell if this is going to look more like a 3/4-scale Maserati Ghibli or a modern Mitsubishi Galant.. hoping for the former!

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