Audi E-tron GT teaser

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I am not a fan of Audi designs in general (And other boring stuff…) but this could turn out to be one good looking Audi.
Of course, this isn’t for this year. Or next year.
But 2020. So it’s actually a real thing.

It does look like the closest thing to a Tesla Model S competition. (The Porsche EV seems a bit smaller)
Not sure if Tesla will have a new Model S ready by then, but this Audi could do serious damage.

It looks like while Tesla is busy fixing the Model 3 production problems, the competition is moving forward. Fast. (A new Model S should really be a priority…)

– Tons of VW EVs coming out.
– Porsche Mission E
– Jaguar i Pace
– BMW 3 series EV
– Mercedes EQC

And more. Many more. It will never stop.

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  1. Tesla should have put out a $35K small SUV, instead of a car, since that is the most popular type of vehicle now.

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