Buick Regal test drive coming up

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I was really looking forward to driving this car, since I really liked the previous version of the Regal/Insignia.

And now it’s a hatchback.
The one I have for this week is a FWD Essence model with a 2.0 Liter Turbo and 9 speed automatic.

So far, the ride is amazingly comfortable.
But the USB/CarPlay feature doesn’t really work. As it is having a very hard time recognizing my phone… ( A problem I usually don’t have)

 I just got the car and will report on it next week.
Meanwhile I will try to answer questions you might have about it.

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  1. So far the engine is nicer. Very smooth and quiet at all time.
    And the back seat is roomier than the Mazda.

    But somehow I can't get the infotainment to recognize the phone. CarPlay starts, once in a while, but stops after a couple of minutes. Then it switches to Bluetooth. As it says no phone is connected (Although it is)

    Frustrating…. But it could be due to an iOS 11 Bug.

  2. Does it DRIVES like à Buick is supposed to drive? I have a Buick Encore, and to switch to a base Regal, I'd have to add 200$ more each month, I really would ask for a smoother and quieter ride for the money… I do not want to get a stiff ride…

  3. I just got back from a FWD drive and got up to 35MPG average. Mostly around 70.
    (It is officially rated at 32)

    So far, this is really a great car.

  4. I don't think so. I use Android Auto in my '17 Ford Edge and every once in awhile it won't recognize my phone when I connect the cable. I unconnect it and reconnect it and it works. I think Buick just needs to do a better job of app integration.

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