Chevrolet Cruze Diesel-hatchback-6 speed manual test drive coming up.

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Quite amazingly, one person actually guessed the car I am driving this week.

The diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze has to be pretty rare. Especially since VW pretty much killed US consumer’s appetite for diesel.
I am also not sure the hatchback version is the best seller either (it should be)
And of course, a 6 speed manual is never a popular choice.

Put all of these together and you have a pretty unique car.

So far I really like it. I drove a sedan version (automatic with the regular Turbo gas engine) a while ago. But this one is really something special.
So far, I have been getting around 30MPG around town. It has plenty of power and is a lot of fun to drive.

As usual, I’ll try to answer questions you might have about the car….

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  1. I just bought a pair of regular 1.4T automatic Cruze LTs. I will be interested to hear what you think of the car.

  2. Excellent choice. Please let us know what you think/though of the stick shift action. Thanks!

  3. So far I think it's great. Shift action is super easy and smooth.
    That engine is great and actually very quiet.

  4. Cruze model sales breakdown here:

    From article:
    The Lordstown-built Chevrolet Cruze had 9,947 sales in February 2018, down 21 percent from last February’s sales of 12,623, General Motors said Thursday.

    The Mexico-built Cruze Hatchback had 2,928 sales for a 6.7 percent year-over-year increase from 2,744 sales made in February 2017.

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