How about more pictures of the 2019 Jeep Grand Commander…

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 As you know, this is the first Chinese only Jeep.
At leasts so far. I think Crazy Sergio will decide sooner or later to sell this outside of China. Since he is obsessed with Jeep having as many models as possible…(While killing Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat at the same time)
So we might very well see this in other countries.

I know many people hate this car. I guess for not being a true Jeep (?)
But I don’t think this is that much worse than a Cherokee or Renegade.
And 3 rows SUVs are super popular right now… So why not.

I was also curious to compare that 3rd row seat.
The Jeep is the top one. The others are the Highlander and Pilot.

The Jeep seats seems narrower and more upright. But not as tiny as I though.

And here is an additional picture of a current Highlander. Answering complains that I accidentally posted a pic of a previous generation model above…

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  1. My only gripe with your buddy Sergio was the unkind remarks he made about 200C. With a quick refresh, the C pillar and wheelbase area could have been stretched proving more room in the back. Infiniti addressed this issue with their last generation QX50 and like the new QX50, the 200C could have used FCA's new 4 cylinder turbo engine to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

    As far as this new Jeep made for China, the American line up is flooded with models. Sergio could use this as a new Chrysler or Durango SUV.

  2. The picture of the Highlander is the previous generation Highlander. The current one has a bit more space. Also, I'd be curious to see how it compares visually to the Atlas which is supposed to have the biggest third row in the class.

  3. You included a picture of the second generation Highlander's third row. Not very accurate if you're trying to compare with the current competition…

  4. That is just pure horrible sh**. Don't let that come over here. That i just screams cheap plastic. Look at all the hard plastic Lego parts & pieces. You can even tell from the sheen of the surface when the flash went off. No thanks. Let the Lego's be Lego's. Don't "honey i shrunk the kids," them.

  5. Beyond the obvious cheep plastic and boring/generic design, there is just something really off about the whole package. Even the front grill looks off… and how do you screw that up? And what's up with the back of this this??? The best way to describe it (as said above),it looks very emerging market.

    Please FCA, keep this in China. But even the Chinese market deserves better.

  6. The exterior is somewhat awkward looking. I really can’t explain it, but it just looks odd.

    I don’t think Jeep needs this in its lineup. As the mainstream family vehicle brand, Chrysler really needs three row crossovers. The crossovers need to be better designed/styled/executed than this Chinese market Jeep, though.

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