Should Acura bring the CDX over here?

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I say why not.
The compact CDX has been on sale in China since 2016, and I think it would fit very well in their US line up. 
The current RDX starts at $36 000. (Not sure if the all new one will be cheaper or more expensive)
That’s a lot of room bellow it for another SUV.
One like the CDX which is already designed, already on sale somewhere and ready to go. 
It has a turbo 1.5 Liter engine. (Probably from the Accord) and an 8 speed automatic. 
Sure it is based on the HR-V, but Acura gave it its own design and interior. 
And it is over 5 inches longer than the Honda.
I think Acura should really bring this over here. At slightly under $30 000 I am sure they would sell plenty.
This could be a great alternative to the super weird looking Lexus UX. 
What do you think?

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  1. Why Acura failed in the US: killed off RSX/Integra. Those shoppers are much older now so this might fit their tastes.

  2. I think it would be a great product to sell here Vince, good idea. I can't see any reason why they shouldn't do that right away.

    On a side note, did you notice how the chrome trim doesn't continue all the way around the windows? Looks odd. And its on all the vehicles not just some pre-production photo.

  3. Not too short at all. It is the same size as a BMW X1.
    Longer than a Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3.

  4. YES, bring it! This should help Acura having a new RDX and with this new CDX to compete against the weird Lexus UX, BMW X1, Caddy XT4 to name a few more!

  5. Hi Vince, just a quick note of thanks for the time and effort you put into your awesome website! I have been enjoying it for years.

  6. Clearly not as sharp as the Lexus UX… significantly sharper and better looking.

    God the Lexus jaws lpook is butt ugly.

    This would definitely be Acura's top seller….hoping for a 2019…I and plenty others, bring it and we will buy it.

  7. No! FieFi, you can still see HR-V. I don't care what others say. Acura needs to be very careful in their choices going forward. Acura should only being SUVs with SH-AWD or eSH-AWD options. Right now that means built on the new global architecture. I suggest starting with the RDX, reduce it's size and weight, give it a design intended for that vehicle in the new Precision design theme. That includes the interior. Otherwise don't bother cuz it'll reinforce the problems Acura has been fighting for years… Generic, not luxury, only cheap Honda +. Let RDX go up market first.

  8. 14 comments already to this story…just what Acura wants and needs…people are interested. Diehard Lexus fans are hoping Acura doesn’t release the CDX because it would take all the attention from the under powered UX.

    You can get the UX with all-wheel drive, but only with the hybrid that is messed up. UX is nothing more than the Toyota C-HR which is underwhelming. Over kill styling with only front wheel drive…some utility vehicle. LOL

    Acura, bring the CDX and watch the competition, well, there really would be no competition.

  9. I say discontinue the slow selling ILX and drop this in the lineup ASAP! It will sell like crazy!

  10. It's kind of strange they didn't think this would do really well in the US. This alone could put Acura back on the map of so many buyers.

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