Things we almost forgot: the Lexus LX

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This has to be the ugliest luxury SUV around.
It makes any of its competition look like a movie star.
Still, over 6000 people bought one last year. Actually up from the previous year and the one before!(which is kind of mind boggling)
Nothing next to the 23 000 units of the Cadillac Escalade.
And  much less than any of its competition. 
But still, over 6000 people walked into a Lexus showroom and said “I want that!”
It gets 13/18 MPG. Starts at at $86 000. And came out in 2007 (Although it got a 3rd “facelift” and revised interior in 2015).
Is it a good deal? No:
The new Navigator starts at $73 000
The Escalade starts at $75 000
The Infiniti QX80 starts at $65 000
The Range Rover starts at $87 500
I am sure since it is based on the Land Cruiser, that it beats most of its competition off road.
Which almost none of its owners will ever use.
Makes you wonder….

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  1. This is what I gathered from people I know that work/worked for this company. There is an arrogance that is unheard of at Toyota. They feel that they will tell you what to buy. They do not care what individuals have to say. The top people decide everything for this company. Some feel, the tables are turning and the public is revolting.

  2. Why Vince? Why did you have to post this? What a horrible way to start my Saturday 🙁

    This is truly ugly, though the UX makes this look absolutely beautiful.

    While the outside is ugly, the inside is just so visually busy; just a unsettling place to be. The new Aviator is miles ahead of this.

    I know that Land Rover's aren't known for the best reliability, but still why would anyone choose the LX over a Land Rover? Especially since the majority of people probably lease these kinds of vehicles, so any reliability issues the LR might have aren't a big concern.

  3. WHAT?!?!?! This is my dream car!! I love that it is a proper truck… Big, solid – this will literally last 30 years. Look at how it holds its resale value. Sure, there are some not great parts. I love the lexus grille but I don't think it translated well onto this truck, and the way the third row folds to the side is def. a pain in the ass…. but common…. Its not ugly.

  4. The classic Land Cruiser has everything this LX has but the luxury interior. It base price nearly the same as the LX but looks much more attractive. I give it with Toyota, they have very loyal customers and even if their new models are radical looking, they still buy into it! So Toyota/Lexus so far, cannot do anything to shake their customer's loyalty to their brand until recently months.

  5. Why do they buy/lease? Simple, reliability. Lease or not, who wants to constantly be at the dealer getting a loaner. Plus, some do actually buy, because they know they can pay it off and keep it for several years after with no issues and have great resale when it's time for a new one.

  6. After her own extreme makeover, she will get this new version. In white of course. Sad in both cases

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