Buick Enspire concept

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This is one modern looking Buick.
It also looks like it wouldn’t need too many changes to make the translation to a production car next year or so.

No official word about range yet. Although I have heard “over 350 miles” as a rumor.
With a 40 minute time to recharge 80% of the battery.

I really hope this becomes a a real car. Or that at least, many of the design cues end up somewhere on a real car.

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  1. Bring it here and I will be a Buick buyer. I can't believe I said that. That what happens when you have a nice design car.

  2. It looks good, but, honestly, not very original. I like the interior the most, but quite a bit of it would never make it to production.

  3. I think the exterior is absolutely hideous! Buick has had some amazing concept vehicles in the past that should have transitioned into production vehicles, but this beast isn’t one of them! Yuck!

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