Geely/FCA “no deal”

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This was sent to me from Europe.
Showing what I think is a Chinese Geely sedan, with a different grille.
It does look like the Geely/FCA talks might have gone further that we though.
As some of these Geely models would really make decent Chrysler cars. 

Here is the Geely model. Which I think is she same one as in the spy shot above.

I am still amazed that FCA has totally given up on the sedan market, while others are still making so much money from it.
I really hope a deal can be reach with someone else. Like Geely.
Which, at least, would push Crazy/greedy/destructive/short sighted Sergio out.

(I wrote earlier about that possible/aborted deal with Geely HERE. )

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  1. only Honda and Toyota are making money from their mid-market sedans in the US. Everyone else is there because of inertia, or because they sell in China.
    FCA doesn't have a big Chinese presence, and they can make $5,000 more per unit selling the same package as an SUV, so why bother selling cheap sedans? They would all end-up as rental cars anyway, which does damage to their other products.

  2. Damage to what other products? The 300? The Journey? Challenger? Sergio has bled those products dry – and the Chrysler name is SO damaged, I wouldn't be surprised if Geely said – uh, no.

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