Mystery Minivan caught: what is it???

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 Just wondering what this is…
(Sorry for the bad pix…)

At first it was “obvious” to me that somehow this was  facelift for the Toyota Sienna.
Bust it just got a new front end recently. So what else?
Maybe a facelift for the Chrysler Pacifica?
Or something else???

 When you compare the shy shot above and the Pacifica, they are not the same car. The front side window is just completely different. And they usually don’t change any glass part for a mid cycle revision. Plus, the Pacifica is not due for a complete redesign yet…

 The Sienna? Well, no.
That window is also totally different. Unless the one on the spy shot is an all new one coming out next year?

It’ is not a Honda Odyssey either… For the same reason .

What could this be???

– Next generation Sienna.
– A new Nissan Minivan
– Some new Dodge thing?

What do you think????

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  1. When you compare it to the current Sienna, it is clearly NOT one. (side window, mirror etc…)
    But it could be a next gen.

  2. Could easily be the next gen Sienna, which has been on the market since 2010 at this point with the current body…

  3. The wheel(s) and curved body line are very similar to the Pacifica. And while the current Sienna came out in 2010, it did get a facelift for 2018. Is Toyota planning an all-new model?

  4. It's a Sienna mule. The front end is 100% a mule part and from the current gen (just compare them, they are identical). The rest is the new body, hence why it's different.

  5. looks like the next sienna, since the avalon was recently redesigned on tnga platform, sieanna should be next since it is on the same platform. Lexus ES, highlander too sometimes soon i guess.

  6. Hopefully it will be the new and better Sienna. The current one is getting way too old in tech. Hoping they will have Android auto, stow and go seats?? and may be AWD option.

  7. Question from a newbie here: if this is indeed a Sienna mule, how long do we think before it hits the road in production? Could it be for the 2019 model year? Asking for a friend…and that friend is me. Fingers crossed that a hybrid version will also be released.

  8. I believe it is clearly a Sienna mule, but I have no idea what model year it is for. I too hope for a hybrid version.

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