Syd Mead’s Sentinel 280 slowly coming to life.

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One of Syd Mead’s most famous car illustration is actually being built.
The original illustration is the top picture. And the master himself is in the bottom picture, next to a model version of its design.
Syd Mead super fan Mel Francis has built the model. And intends to build a fully drivable version soon!
Which would be quite an achievement.
I am aslo a big fan of Mr.Mead and have had the pleasure of meeting him twice over the years.
And I must admit, I did buy that little Hotwheel version of his Sentinel Limousine a few years ago…
You can read all about Mel Francis’s project HERE.
And all about Syd Mead’s work over HERE.

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  1. This e-mail is specifically for superfan Mel Francis. My name is Barry Burns (also a superfan of Mr Meads) I am a artist who is interested in possibly bringing more of Syd’s vehicle designs into reality. I’m currently reaching out to his foundation in efforts to make possible, RC versions of his “big machines”, ones he had illustrated for the steel industries prospectus catalouges. I would love to show you some pictures of models I have built from scratch, and of course for my use only. If you are at interested please feel free to contact me, thank you.

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