2019 Audi Q8

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It seems we have seen spy photos of this for the past 10 years.
Here is the real thing. Finally.
No surprise, because of the 100s of spy pix. But also because it looks pretty much the same as the two concepts from last year. 
Which is OK. Since the new Q8 looks much better than the sad looking Q7.
Inside, nothing new either. As it looks a lot like the A8. Or A7. Or A6. Or probably the next A4 and A3…
I am not a big fan (at all) of that silver trim everywhere. Every single switch or shape inside has to be surrounded by that “satin metal trim”. BMW and Mercedes are also doing this.
It is just too much and ends up looking overdone and cheap. 

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  1. At least someone agrees with me that adding more glitz and chichi to an interior doesn't necessarily make it more luxurious feeling

  2. I feel like Audi design 10 years ago was peak Audi. Things have gotten too overstyled and Chinese lately. That front end is pretty awful – look at those big chunks of black plastic underneath the headlights!

  3. And I am not a fan of the ubiquitous quilted seats. But the angular grill that looks like it is emerging from the sheetmetal is interesting and the tail light illumination pattern is bound to be interesting.

  4. That is a face only a mother could love. Not sure what Audi is thinking. They've only had 10 years to get it right, and they got is so, so wrong.

  5. Seriously, that is cheap looking?! Wow! I know you are not an Audi fan, but come on! That car's inside and outside are spot on! This car can be the best work Audi made to date! Let's continue for your more raving reviews of Hyundai and Kia PLEASE! Forget about German cars!

  6. This is supposed to be Audi's Tesla fighter, right? Even with the questionable future of the company, I'd take any Tesla (or even the Mission-e when it comes out) over this fussy garbage. I'm betting BMW's new electrics will be on the fussier side of things as well thanks to rising EV demand in China and local preference for glitzy design

  7. This could be the real reason VW dropped Touareg in the US market.. other than the front, who could tell them apart?

  8. To me, this looks more attractive and much better proportioned than the coupe-crossovers from Benz or BMW. It also looks much better than Audi's other CUVs.

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