2019 Chevrolet Blazer

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While Ford seems to have taken a more retro approach to the pseudo mach SUV with the upcoming Bronco, Chevrolet seems to have got a more modern route with the rebirth of the Blazer.
This actually looks almost futuristic from some angles. 
It will slot between the $24 000 Equinox and the $30 000 Traverse.
Power comes from a standard 2.5 Liter with 193HP or an optional 3.6 Liter V6 with 305HP.
(No nothing futuristic here…)
All versions come with a 9 speed automatic. 
It will be available in “early 2019”. That’s quite a while…
I think this looks pretty good. At least from these early pictures. 
This will no doubt be a hit for Chevrolet. And basically will end up replacing the Malibu sooner or later…

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  1. The exterior looks great—very modern, stylish and it definitely has a Murano rear side look with a futuristic Santa Fe Sport look in other places. In fact, it looks more stylish than the actual 2019 Santa Fe (the Sport replacement) coming out later this year.

    Why did put the center vents so low on the dashboard? Good look getting air to hit anything than your midsection.

    Chevy has to stop thinking that their buyers want ALL Chevys to look like Camaros. For example, the Camaro tailights on the the Malibu a few years ago was an ugly disaster for Chevy.

  2. Heard it is going to be assembly in Mexico instead of Tennessee where the GMC Acadia is assembled!

  3. Wow, so far from what I would ever imagine a Blazer to look like. At least they still have the Trailblazer name to use if they ever decide we deserve the Colorado-based SUV they should have brought.

  4. Vince, please post some pics of the RS model, that thing is gorgeous!! My lease is due next year and if this car is priced right I might end up with one! I love it!

  5. I do like that cargo fence thingy. Very clever. Looks like you can put it anywhere along the tracks, and that it collapses for easy storage. The best thing about this.

  6. Looks like a Chinese knockoff of the Lexus RX. Or perhaps the result of a drunken Asian crossover orgy.

  7. I looked closely at the photos and video of the new Blazer dash and I kind of like it now! It very close to that of the current model Camaro inside. Now, if they can get the ZL1 engine, transmission and suspension inside it; then we have a real "Blazer" vehicle with top speed over 180 mph and 0-60 in 3 seconds.

  8. Everytime I see a new Traverse I admire what a nice job Chevy did on the design. I wish Chevy would ha e kept this on the conservative side rather than copy a Mazda CX5 or a Nissan Rogue. It is over-designed and has nothing to nod to the heritage of the Blazers that preceded it. And it looks so close in size to the Equinox, is it necessary?

  9. When is GM going to do away with that low rent, low class, 70’s “golden” emblem? Are its customers required to have golden front teeth too?

  10. Sorry but a Blazer should, by definition, be a 2-door. For that matter, so should a Dodge Charger.

  11. Looks good. Much better than the low-rent SUVs usually offered by Chevy. Though the name "Blazer" is still in keeping with the white-trash roots.

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