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Looks like Acura is giving another refresh to the ILX sedan next year.
The current model came out for the 2012 model year, and still no new one in sight. Instead, it will be getting a new grille and bumper. (Maybe other small things too)
Which is pretty sad. What Acura needs is a real entry level car that can compete in the current market. That car should, of course, be the small CDX SUV sold overseas. 
Not sure why it is still not offered in the US. 
Acura sold less than 20 000 units of the ILX last year. Not sure if that new grille will actually do the trick to spice up these sale numbers…

As a reminder, here is the current ILX From the patent drawings above, it looks like next year’s model is going back to a much less aggressive front end.

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  1. So Acura will still be peddling a 2019 car riding on a 2011 platform at a premium price point while Honda is selling an equivalent vehicle on a new for 2016 platform with more room, modern styling, similar (if not better) technology and a lower price. Pathetic.

  2. The ILX may just go down as Acura's "Cimarron".
    The ILX is considered one of the worst cars you can buy, value wise.

  3. I think a premium package on the Civic would probably sell better than this outdated and not particularly attractive premium sedan. It should simply be discontinued instead of wasting resources to restyle it. I think Acura would be better off without it.

  4. People buy the so called luxury cars because of ego. There are not enough egos that can fit in an ILX. It is that simple. And in the case of Acura, it has been a few inches away from Honda to truly differentiate it self. It is better to do away with it and turn its attention to dressing up the HRV.

  5. One of the worst rated, lowest owner satisfaction new vehicles ever…yet there's an update? Add another one to the list of "but it's Honda…so even if they make a 3 wheeled yellow car we'll find something nice to say" piece of garbage. For anyone who's had the displeasure an ILX (I drove them for years with work), they are the epitome of rough, noisy, horridly uncomfortable, exorbitantly overpriced "wait…you bought this?…no…really?". Almost as bad as spending $40k on the problem ridden, horridly designed and clunky Honda Pilot.

    Go…look…and buy…ANY other brand. Or if you must, just go to Honda and get a Civic that's more refined, comfortable, modern and feels luxurious in comparison. Or an Accord…or a Kia…or…anything.

  6. I picture a parking lot somewhere in Ohio where Honda personnel are running around trying to swap out the grills and add some trinkets to undold prior years ILXs just to get rid of them… Look! A new model year!

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