2019 Chevrolet Blazer driving around

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Looking quite nice in real life. Even in white.
The new Blazer seems to be mostly a polarizing design. Many people seem to really like it while many others hate it.
I think it’s fine. At least it is trying something. Without ending up as weird as most Lexus SUV designs.

Head over HERE for many more pictures of the new Blazer driving around.
And HERE for official pix. 

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  1. I like everything but the name. The name "Blazer" evokes an image of a car that's driven by a trashy guy with smoker's cough, wearing jeanshorts and cranking Whitesnake. Not that there's anything wrong with Whitesnake.

  2. I will never buy a GM car, but at least they are trying something different, more interesting. It does not look like a GM, except for the 70s golden badge. Golden chains and front teeth anyone?

  3. Without ending up as weird as most Lexus SUV designs? It looks exactly like a Lexus SUV design, right down to the ugly. The only “something” Chevy tried is to make the new Blazer look as cartoonish as pretty much every other CUV.

  4. I don't think a Mexican Chevy that looks like a Toyota CHR is going to be on many people's wish lists. What are you doing Mary?

  5. "My eyes are down here"

    My mind is playing tricks on me as in some pictures, the real headlights look like fog lights at night, but in the daytime all I see is a Nissna Juke/Jeep Cherokee inspired bug eyed and eye browed front end.

    I assume this new trend is to reduce headlight glare? It's just a mind foolery when the headlights aren't in the place we are used to seeing. More and more the DRLs, which we see most of the time anyway are taking the place of the traditional headlight locations. The 2019/2020 Kia Soul is going to have a similar setup as well.

  6. This should do well. I hope they make it sportier to drive, instead of the purses on wheels that the rest of their crossovers are. If I bought one the first thing I'd do is shave those BLAZER letters off the doors. They look dumb.

  7. It looks all Japanese design language that kind looks like a Nissan Murano and the new Acura RDX had a child – the Chevy Blazer!

  8. The "Blazer" name doesn't "fit" this design. Chevrolet should have just came up with a new name for this vehicle.

    I'm not digging the fake floating roof, either. Otherwise, the exterior design is passable.

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