2019 Porsche Macan

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 Outside, the news are mostly lights and bumpers.
Which is fine. The Macan was always a really nice looking SUV and the changes don’t ruin it.

Things seem more different inside.

While the top part of the dash seems to be the same. (Even the old fashion/cheap looking/1990s passenger side airbag cut is still there) the whole lower part is new.
Which gives the interior a whole new feel. (Doors also seem unchanged)
It now looks more like the new Panamera and Cayenne dashboard.

I think, at least visually, Porsche did quite a nice job with the 2019 Macan.
I will try to find picture of a better color combo. That flat blue with black wheels isn’t my favorite…

Next, that new Cayenne “coupe” I was talking about earlier

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  1. Vince, I'm a bit disappointed that you have not mentioned on your site anything about Sergio's M. death.

  2. So drivers have to look down at that cluster F of buttons while driving?! That looks 100x worse than Lexus' mousepad that is apparently a nightmare.

  3. whats this new trend of air vents that blow on your knees?!?!?! I've never tried these super low vents, but they just don't seem like them would blow on your face like I like it

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