All new Cadillac coupe concept coming up.

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This does look very cool.
It also seems larger than the current ATS coupe so it would make a great new coupe based on the next CT5 sedan.
Since it does look like the Escala, with a bit of CT5.
But, from what we can see here, this is probably only a concept. For the upcoming Los Angeles or Detroit auto show.
The headlights are just super thin LEDs. And the rear view mirrors are cameras. 
“I don’t think Cadillac is ready to use cameras for side mirrors yet…”
No mater what, please Cadillac, do not call this a CT7. Call it by its name: “Eldorado”!
And also, please don’t make it yet another $100 000 coupe like Lexus or BMW.
Make it slightly above the CT6. It should start at maybe $60 000. 
What do you think?

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  1. Impressive!If they manage to keep the hatch on the production model UNLIKE the CTS Coupe and ELR,they'll have my respect!

    We can all thank KIA the the "over the belt line" dynamic chrome design first seen on the 2011 Optima!

  2. Vince just letting you know the thin LED are running lights. The lights below are actually the headlights. A lot of cars and suvs are going to this setup. Like the new Santa Fe. As for camera side mirrors, don't know if they are legal in the US yet.

  3. That's exactly what I thought at first. But the images do not show headlights at all bellow. Just vents. they even have these lines across. Which would be covering real headlights….

  4. This Cadillac coupe should be priced above the rest of Cadillac line to have it standout as their flagship car. Cadillac back in the 1930s was the top luxury car in the world. This coupe should start out with as base price of $900K and top of fully load at $2.5 million dollars.

  5. It looks like a promising concept, which reinforces Cadillac’s problem. Cadillac produces beautiful concepts that never become reality. The production vehicles severely pale in comparison.

  6. The ATS and CTS already share their platform with the Camaro, so it wouldn't be too big of a stretch for this to become reality and production ready very soon. Could be the reason Caddy hasn't axed the ATS coupe yet.. this would make a much more upscale looking successor.

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